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New FM is a Newcastle Australia based FM radio station...

New FM (call sign: 2NEW) is an Australian radio station, licensed to, and serving Newcastle and its surroundings. It is owned by Broadcast Operations Group, and operates at 105.3 megahertz on the FM band. Its call sign is 2NEW, the 2 being a standard prefix for stations in New South Wales, and NEW short for Newcastle. Its sister station is 2HD. On the 24th of May 2005 New FM reverted back to their original logo of 1989.

Newcastle FM trading as NEWFM was Newcastle's first commercial FM radio station. NEWFM exploded onto the airwaves to the accompaniment of a blast of pyrotechnics and laser technology on the night of April 14 1989.

The stations smooth and innovative approach to radio soon became a breeding ground for a cool league of on-air operators such as John Paul Young, Tim Carroll, Peter Mobbs, Garth Russell, Steve Graham, Craig Lawson, Mathew White, Varity Webb, Phil O'Neil, Maynard, Debbie Spillane, Scott Bevan, Gary Who and Gavin Morris.

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New FM Radio Newcastle NSW Australia

New Fm Radio Station Newcastle NSW Australia